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The Process

Girl with Wooden Blocks


Phone/Internet Inquiry

Provide us with brief demographics and overview of your child to make sure ABA services are appropriate.


Medical Authorization Form

The authorization of medical and educational release form gives the company permission to access and obtain to your child's records. This is necessary with aiding in the approval process and future collaboration with your child's caregivers (doctor's, teachers, OT, etc.)


Insurance Evaluation Approval

Pre-approval from insurance company (if applicable) is required prior to any evaluation, therapy, or other service being provided.

The documents collected will be submitted to the funding source will they will give an approval for an evaluation.


Complete Intake Packet

  • General Information

  • Permission to Videotape and Photograph

  • Client Registration Form

  • Authorization to Release Information

  • Authorization to Bill Insurance

  • Informed Consent

  • Confidentiality Act-Abuse Reporting Protocol

  • Financial Responsibility

  • HIPPA Service Agreement and Consent Form



The caregiver(s) and client will meet in-person with the BCBA. Indirect assessments and direct observation will be completed. 


Final Approval for Services

The BCBA will use all information gathered through the evaluation and given by the doctor to create an individualized comprehensive Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) which will be submitted to the funding source for a 6-month approval for services.

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