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Building Blocks

What Services Do You Provide?

Center-based ABA services are our primary service. In conjunction, we provide Pediatric Day Program, Community-Based Therapy, Home-Based Therapy, School-Based TherapyParent Training and Educational Advocacy services

How are Services Provided?

We offer other behavior therapy in any environment of your choice after a minimum of 5-days within the center.

This requirement is to establish a therapy-client relationship. It's important that the client is familiar and build an effective rapport with their therapist in order to produce effective services and generalized results.

This requirement is also to conduct therapy within a neutral environment for both the parent and client. A neutral environment provides less distractions and shows the parent the client's behavior within another environment with someone not affiliated with the caregiver. During this time, parent training will begin in the center (tailored to mock situations seen within the home) in collaboration with Home-based parent training.

I need help within the community!

We provide weekly outings for all clients regardless of primary setting. A calendar goes out at the beginning of the each month and the parent(s) can sign their child up to attend; parents are also welcomed to attend. 

Any Social Skills Groups?

We currently conduct after-school social skills groups within the center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-6:00pm

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