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Diverse Kindergarten

Therapeutic Interventions
Inclusive Social Life
Positive Reinforcement
Healthy Functional Behaviors


Individualized Data-Driven Plans

Our comprehensive assessment of each child is just the beginning. With hard data from a thorough assessment, we craft a custom treatment plan for each child—enhancing adaptive skills, increasing functional abilities, and realizing parents’ goals. And throughout it all, data is meticulously recorded and tracked to maximize each child’s progress and growth.


Matched Client-Provider Teams

Our company use an exclusive Organization Behavioral Management program for patient-provider matching to ensure that each patient-provider team is a perfect fit.


Comprehensive Treatment Packages 

We are dedicated to providing each client with the highest-quality custom treatment plan, which can include: direct treatment hours with qualified behavior technicians, supervision hours with highly trained behavioral health supervisors, parent training hours, coordination of care, and group treatment.

Here At TIPH We Focus On:

We provide services within the center, home, school and community.

TIPH LLC. is a Behavior Therapy Center that focuses on humane therapeutic interventions for children who need support with challenging and non-functional communicative behaviors. Using the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), our goals is to help break the developmental barrier and support each child to their highest potential. 

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